What is power flushing?

Learn about the processes involved.

Power flushing is a process that removes accumulated deposits from a commercial or residential heating system using pressurised water, chemicals and ‘MagnaClean’ filters.

Power flushing your system can result in a more efficient heating system and can help avoid the need for expensive repairs, saving you money on both your fuel bill and boiler maintenance.

Over the life span of a central heating system, Iron Oxide, often referred to as ‘sludge’ will accumulate in the system. This can have negative effects on the efficiency of the heating system, the longer the sludge sits in your system the less effective your central heating becomes as a whole. This sludge also causes internal corrosion of your central heating systems parts, professionally power flushing your radiators and pipes can help keep this corrosion at bay and increase the life of your heating system.

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How does a power flush work?

The power flush process is very simple and can normally be carried out within a day on residential properties and usually does not require the removal of radiators from the system. However, on larger properties and commercial premises, the flushing process may require longer.

Once the black sludge has been removed this allows the heat and hot water to pass through your central heating system unrestricted, reducing corrosion internally in the system and increasing efficiency, resulting in a saving of up to 25% on your fuel bills.

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