Commercial power flush

Specialised solutions for commercial scale.

Not only do we provide an excellent domestic power flushing service, but we also have vast experience in the commercial sector.

A heating system within your business premises is also prone to internal corrosion and blockage just like a domestic heating system. However, most commercial systems require special treatment when being power flushed. Power Flush Masters experienced team of heating experts have the know-how to deal with all types of commercial systems.

Power Flush Master has over a decade of experience in the commercial power flushing field and has successfully power flushed systems in a range of different commercial environments.

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Power flushing your commercial system will provide instant results, including faster heat-up and a more efficient boiler, leading to a future saving in your fuel bills.

Slow or unevenly heating radiators, rising fuel bills and boiler cutouts are all indicators of a build-up of iron oxide, also referred to ass 'sludge' within your central heating system. Leaving this 'sludge' to build up will cause irreparable damage to the system and its parts, which lead to costly repair bills.

If your commercial system is suffering from any of the above symptoms contact us, where we can advise you on the best course of action for your system.



Shops and Stores

Sports Centres




We undertake a detailed survey of your heating system.


Required upgrades on the system are carried out.


Chemicals to remove sludge are flushed into the system.


Commercial power flushing equipment flushes the system.

Helping you through central heating efficiency.